About GSRC Management

GSRC Management began trading in 2004 and was led by Sarel Allers, a SHE Practitioner with more than ten years’ experience in the field of SHE Risk Management, most of it garnered in the South African Airforce.  His belief was that SHE Training was not improving the candidates that went on those courses and after much deliberation, he felt that he could provide a better service that would offer clients positive returns on the training cost as well as ensuring that training was not a generic type of course but rather customized to the clients requirements in order that candidates were trained on what was applicable to them.  Safety, after all, is not generic and needs to be adapted to the requirements of different businesses.

Furthermore, it was found that traditional training methods were not effective in getting the message across to the candidates, who also viewed safety training as a waste of time and boring.  It was from this viewpoint that Sarel made the decision to make our training dynamic and exciting with the facilitator’s people who had experience in various SHE practitioner roles so that they could bring to life the training theory by the use of practical examples.  As a result, our classes are head and shoulders above the competition because we incorporate real life situations into our training.

Using facilitators who have a passion for SHE management as well as a passion for training, our courses are a vibrant and exciting place to be where a desire to learn is fostered and a transference of knowledge is achieved.  As a SETA Accredited institution, we also adhere to all of the necessary quality as well as course material requirements to ensure that we can benchmark with the best and so be better than the best.

By 2006 it was clear that many companies were not implementing and managing their SHE Risk systems correctly or holistically and so we entered the consulting market to assist our clients achieve better results with their SHE performance.  We do this because we believe in PRODUCTION FIRST – SAFETY ALWAYS and to achieve this principle one needs to understand the correct risk management theory, chief among them being that risk is always with us and we can never make a working environment completely safe, that is, an environment without risk prevalent in it.  Therefore, to operate a safety system correctly, we must ensure that we manage the risk accurately and efficiently in order for us to work effectively without putting our business out of business by too much safety management.  Stopping the job for safety transgressions is treating the symptoms and not curing the disease and it is this approach that sets us apart from our competitors.
Safety Gear

Excellent infrastructure means better serve to our clients.

Our consultants are energetic and experienced in the field and we have personnel from a diverse range of industries, such as fuel and chemicals through to iron and steel as well as mining and they assist numerous companies in managing their risk so that those companies’ managers can focus on their core business with the peace of mind that they are operating not only in compliance to the law, but to the best standards in industry.

In a time when the SHE field is inundated with SHE “practitioners”, we offer our clients a proven track record of offering a quality service, accredited training and effective solutions that are respected in the field, giving our clients the peace of mind that no matter what happens, we have their backs at all times.

Cost Effectiveness

Question: Should I bother reading any further?
Answer: If you have a limitless safety / risk management budget - NO!

Even though we've entered the era of safe working environments and empowered employees, industry was still hit with a record amount of safety-related fines and penalties. When that cost is added to the thousands of lost work-hours due to on-the-job injuries, and the billions of rands spent annually on Workers Compensation Disability claims, it becomes clear that safety is one of the most important issues facing the workplace today.

  • What is the return on investment of your Safety / Risk Program / Provider?
  • What is the cost of risk in your company?


“What you cannot measure – You cannot manage”

When it comes to budgeting and the improvement of production in a global and competitive market, no-one understands this vital business concept better than GSRC Management. Therefore we commit ourselves to customized services with effective return on investment. GSRC Management has proven effective in helping safety and risk control professionals save time, reduce claims, and overall loss control costs and maintain legislative compliance.
GSRC Management promote the following cost reductions:

  • We work around your budget - not the budget of our needs!
  • Reduce the cost of risk.
  • Rebates from;
    • Compensation Commissioner
    • Insurance
    • Skills development
  • GSRC Management
  • Reduction in loss time and overtime
  • Effective utilization of business resources
  • Cost effective training
  • Free services to clients on our system
To ensure savings in the cost of risk - consider the following:

  • Training and services should be customized for your specific needs?
  • Is there anything free from you provider?
  • Why pay for 20 learners if only 8 or 12 learners attend the course?
  • Why spend thousands of rands on traveling costs that cater for the provider only
  • Do you have free help assistance from your provider?
  • Can you prove your provider’s return on investment in your organization?
  • Providers cannot be only legal driven – should be the minimum.
  • If you spend unplanned time on your SHE /RISK system - you are working for the system and not the system for you!

GSRC Management can assist you!

Services which sustain and / or increase your organisations competitive edge in the global market.
We know you want to finish projects on time and on budget. By making safety a key part of the job, you can avoid delays, prevent accidents, and go home safe at the end of the work day.